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FS: $150 Rebate - ICEBOX Portable Air Conditioner w/ BT App!


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Aug 5, 2014
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Hey guys,

Currently, we are doing a pre-season rebate off the Icebox Full System, which includes all accessories and the free Bluetooth App.
Attached Rebate info - $150 Rebate off the Full System with all accessories included

More info below on the Icebox and Bluetooth Controller.

The last few years, pilots here helped us develop the new smart controller, which used a micro-computer to wirelessly control the Icebox Air Conditioner. The algorithms we designed increased IceBox cooling time and reduced power consumption, allowing pilots to to see their real-time temperature output. We are now in almost 3000 GA aircraft; and many business Jet aircraft! Thanks to all involved here.

Free IceBox App download here

Bluetooth Hardware info here

The Full System includes:
- IceBox 12 or 24V Wireless Air Conditioner
- Bluetooth Controller Accessory
- IceBox Aux Battery and Charging Cable
- Icebox Pilot Cable
- IceBox Gel Packs x10
$150 Rebate available

If you are interested or would like more info, email us here:
[email protected]


IceBox Portable AC and Bluetooth Controller

The IceBox is a portable air conditioning system, for your car, boat or airplane.

For Pilots: No more flying in a scorching hot cabin! Turn ON the IceBox during preflight and cool your cabin down before engine start. Jump in and experience a comfortable taxi and departure to a cooler altitude. Enjoy hours of IceBox cooling power and control your comfort with the free Bluetooth App (Pump and Fan controls). TIP: During cruise flight, Turn OFF the water pump at altitude to sustain the longest A/C possible. In Cruise Flight Mode -- Keep the fan running to push cooler air through the cabin.


- Bluetooth Thermostat, extend the length of your IceBox cooling power. Use with or without Smart App.
- AUX Battery for Stand-Alone Operation and Pre-Cooling the Airplane (RunTime: 1.5 Hours, Dimensions/Weight: 7.5x4.5x7, 7.5lb)
- Pilot's Cable to switch between ship's power and Aux Battery (useful for preflight, fuel stops and post-flight draining the box)
- Custom Gel Packs for Ice Substitute (One "IceBox" gel pack has 10x more cold material than consumer packs; Contains a thin insulation sleeve to transfer cold BTUs out, rather than the hard insulated store-brand types. Reusable 'fuel' Save $$ on Cubed Ice)
- 24V Adapter for use in any 24V electrical system
- Aux Battery Charging Cable

Order here at the link below. Specs and Info on the site













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