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FREE: IceBox A/C Summer Giveaway - Enter with Picture


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Aug 5, 2014
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We're giving away a Free IceBox wired portable A/C this summer.

This is a free entry. To enter: Simply email us a photo of your plane for the gallery below. Its that easy, we will announce the winner next month.
[email protected]

If interested, visit the link below and send us a photo of your plane for the free Giveaway.

Pics and details below

The IceBox is a portable air conditioning system, for your car, boat or airplane.

For Pilots: No more flying in a scorching hot cabin! Turn ON the IceBox during preflight and cool your cabin down before engine start. Jump in and experience a comfortable taxi and departure to a cooler altitude. Enjoy hours of IceBox cooling power.


- Electrical: 12V or 24V. Max Power Consumption 4.5 Amps
- Features: Removable Duct for Extended Reach cooling, Internal 'Cold Box' Design, 40 lbs Ice/Water capacity, Long 15' power plug
- Dimensions: 12"x16"x22"
- Weight Empty: 10lbs
- Warranty: 1 year Mfr parts & labor, 30day money back guarantee
- Operating Manual found here http://switchboxcontrol.com/s/iceboxmanual.pdf


- AUX Battery for Stand-Alone Operation (RunTime: 1.5 Hours, Dimensions/Weight: 7.5x4.5x7, 7.5lb, Comes Fully Charged)
- Pilot's Cable to switch between ship's power and Aux Battery (useful for preflight, fuel stops and post-flight draining the box)
- Custom Gel Packs for Ice Substitute. One "IceBox" gel pack has 10x more cold material than consumer packs; Contains a thin insulation sleeve to transfer cold BTUs out, rather than the hard insulated store-brand types (6x10x1.25, 48oz Gel, 2lb, Reusable 'fuel' Save $$ on Ice, 10x packs fit an IceBox)
- 24V Adapter for use in any 24V electrical system
- Aux Battery Charging Cable
- Bluetooth Thermostat, extend the length of your IceBox cooling power

Specs and Info on the site