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For Sale - 1978 Cherokee Six 300


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Nov 9, 2012
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*Description Below - Listing/Pictures -http://www.usaaircraft.com/active/listingview.php?listingID=363*

This 1978 Piper Cherokee Six 300 is simply put, the lowest time, and cleanest on the market.

Vibrant White Paint with Blue stripes accents the exterior of this great aircraft. The extended 17 gallon fuel tanks are also accented with blue strips to complete the look. With good glass and few scratched and chips on the paint, this Six has an exterior appraisal of 8+.

This Sixes engine has good compressions on a clean looking top and with only 600 engine hours, this engine has a long life ahead. The clean prop with little to no scrapes or dings also has 600 hours of operation.

Inside you will be comfortable with 6 gorgeous, yet comfortable leather seats accented with a clean white headliner and vibrant white window curtains. With barely any signs of wear, and no rips or tears, this interior was appraised at 9+.

The panel is this aircraft certainly catches the eye. Avionics are arranged in excellent fashion, allow a quick and easy flow for all pilots. The center stack contains a Garmin GMA340 Audio Panel, Garmin 430 GPS, the KX155 Radios and the Garmin GTX330 transponder. To the right of this center stack is the Garmin 396 GPS and the Trimble NAV GPS.
Just below the standard sick pack, including a slaved HSI, you will find the STEC coupled autopilot and the Alcor EGT. This panel is clean and has minimals scratches or dings, making it a pleasure to look at.

This 78 Cherokee Six 300 is not only the ultimate family mover, but this particular model will get you there more comfortably and safely than anything on the market today. With lots of life left on the engine prop and airframe, this beauty is looking for a new owner to continue her legacy.


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Jul 5, 2013
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I once saw a similar ad for a '77 Chevy Impala that had experienced only one flash flood event. The complete submersion and wave motion made it the "cleanest on the market". You just can't get that type of cleansing action with a sponge and garden hose. I bought a different car.

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Dec 11, 2013
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LOL. No offense but it sounds like a description from The Price is Right.

Lots of adjectives and adverbs that make the eyes glaze over :)

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