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Buying Prop


Aug 22, 2016
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I have found a prop that I want to buy in TX and Im in IL... What's the safest way to complete transaction. So you feel safe that the party will ship the prop and they will fill confident that I will pay said fee...


Mooney Apostate
Apr 13, 2010
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Have you bought anything online before? Paypal is a pretty good transaction website. It links to your bank, verifies your address, etc. If the seller sends you an invoice through them, you get their protection as they are a broker for the money. They won't release the funds until the shipper includes a tracking number and then it gives a couple days after declaring delivered before it releases the funds. Gives you time to inspect for damage, etc.


Well-Known Member
Oct 6, 2011
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Assuming you are buying from a private party, the first question I'd ask is why he's selling it? You don't want to get stuck with an un-airworthy prop...they make expensive letter openers. Make sure it has the proper paperwork that matches the stamped serial number, and you might even specify that it be checked by an IA at your expense for obvious problems. If it is used, it will probably have some condition problems that may or may not be re-workable. The prop manufacturer will have guidelines about what can be re-worked.

The prop I got after my lightning strike came in a special, long tri-wall box with a lot of foam packing and strapped to a couple of boards to protect it from shipping damage. Shippers don't like unusual boxes and sometimes treat them harshly. You don't want a bent or dinged prop. I assume the seller has the responsibility for packing it properly.

The PayPal suggestion is a great one. PP has helped me resolve some problems when a seller has been less-than-accommodating.


Senior Member
Apr 14, 2010
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Some Sensenich Metal props out there have not had the 1969 AD done which makes it look and operate airworthy but its not. The Propellers affected by the AD must have the letter K following the Serial Number, This AD can only be complied with by Sensenich, not a prop shop. Cant remember the prop part number, have a look at the AD, trust but verify.....