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Boost pump doing pattern work


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Apr 8, 2010
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Been flying a lot lately forgive me for being full of questions. Went down to get night current tongiht (had logged 3.2 hrs of dual night with my CFI and the last of that was a year ago). My CFI told me to start at dusk and fly as long as I was comfortable. My mission was to get night current. WOund up doing 8 laps around the pattern, full stop every time and 3 landings managed to be FAA legal to put in the log books to carry passengers. But I hate running the boost pump all the time and with the full stop after each landing i shut it off to taxi back, shut it off when I got to TPA and turned it back on when i reduced power and added the 1st notch of flaps. I didnt base this on anything. So what is the SOP for doing pattern work and switching on/off the boost pump? My CFI likes me to keep it on the entire time but he is from the dark side (Cessna) and doesn't do too much training in low wings, I relay things i read on here to him and he either agrees or disagrees but he's not immune to suggestions.

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