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Autocontrol IIIB Autopilot Complete System, Vacuum System, Gyros, and ILS Indicator


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Oct 14, 2015
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Installing dual G5s in our Arrow and getting ready for a TruTrak, so the complete Piper Autocontrol IIIB autopilot and vacuum system have come out. The gyros and GI 106A are up on eBay right now, but I haven't listed any of the autopilot components.

All components of the autopilot including the radio coupler with connectors, autopilot head with tray and connector, (inline roll servo filter?), and roll servo with bracket and connector are available. I'd like to sell them as a package if at al possible.

I also have all components of the vacuum system available including the pump, filter, regulator, connections, and standby vacuum system.

Also available (currently listed on eBay) are the heading indicator gyro, attitude gyro, and Garmin GI 106A indicator. Everything worked when removed. The only component with any issues is the heading indicator "slaving" knob, which seems to be slipping. The heading bug knob works perfectly.

Entertaining offers. The gyros and indicator are up on eBay. The autopilot components are not. PM for details. I won't be able to provide pictures of the autopilot or vacuum system components until Monday (9/16) afternoon.

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