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1989 Piper Turbo Arrow III For Sale, NEWEST IN US


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Feb 20, 2012
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I have what may be the youngest Piper Turbo Arrow III left in the United States. When Piper restarted production in 1989, they only made a few of the Turbo version, and smart of them, this is the straight tail, III model (NOT the T-tail IV model). I believe all of her sisters have been exported. You can really tell a difference between this one and the ones built in the 1970's.

This is a great flying airplane, 20,000 ft ceiling, 158kt cruise at 75%, and 12,000ft std (~170kts at 16,000ft), almost 750nmi range with 45minutes reserve. You really notice the available power when at altitude and it is time to climb. At 65%, you'll get about 12.6 gph. With 50 gallons of fuel, it is a solid four place airplane and will go father on that than all of your passengers will.

The handling of the Arrow is easy. If you have flown Archers or normally aspirated Arrows, this is a breeze. The Arrow gear is also a simple design, that mechanics prefer (and cheaper to inspect). In a safety sense, if the gear system malfunctions, the gear will drop under gravity. Nice to know. There are some rumors out there about turbine maintenance, but in reality, follow simple rules: Don't ignore temperatures, and realize you can overboost on take off at low altitude. Do not shut off the engine until the TIT drops to 680 on the GAMI. If you can do that, it should be fine.

Here are the specs:
Year: 1989
TT 2,305
SMOH 651
All logs, all known AD's
No damage history
Dove leather interior, nice looking
Garmin 430W (IFR certified)
Dual nav coms (Garmin is #1, RNAV is nav #2)
AI with flight director
Aux vacuum pump
Turn coordinator
Ground clearance radio switch
Built-in oxygen bottle
72 gallon tank (tabs at 50gallons)
Annual due: 8/2012
Always hangared
Location: North Texas
Price: $124,000 (from vref)
Contact: Jay
jpe62971 at yahoo dot com



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May 4, 2012
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Pic of the panel would be nice :idea: :idea:


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Apr 8, 2010
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you might try emailing him, he hasn't been by the site in a month.