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1977 Arrow III (NA), $105,000

Aug 11, 2019
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Piper Arrow III, NA, 1977

(new as the factory luxury version, but had piperaire conditioner removed after sale)
All ads complied with, Recurring ADs: (1, check fuel lines support at 100hrs or annually; 2) rudder cables/turnbuckles q7 yrs or 1000 hrs)

Airframe: 3155 TT (Spar AD [as currently in draft mode] in service hrs=188hrs TT, never a trainer or part 135) (Being flown weekly)
Original Paint and Interior. Hangered since new.
3 total owners Midwest, last owner (me) moved to desert 5 yrs ago.
Pilot/co-pilot Dual Brakes and ptt
External Piper power plug

All K2U speed mods (root, fairings-all, flap-gap, wheel wells, tail tips and fairings)
Gas tank fairings
Lopresti Wing tips and hubcaps
Fiberglass tailcone
AreoLED (position, strobes, tail, beacon, landing light-nose)
Piper auto-extension landing gear with manual override
Concord Battery 35AXP
Black Steel Disc Brakes
Shoulder belts pilot/copilot
Door Steward
Std plugs for head sets, 4 positions intercom, 2 music inputs
Grey Tint Windows and Windshield

Empty weight 1777, Fuel 72gal useful, Gross weight 2750.
Flight planning KTAS 135k; 10.5 gal/hr (70% power 75* ROP, sweet spot 7.5-11.5k MSL. Will go to ~16000 DA)

Engine: 3155TT

OH @1965hrs (1987) (High Performance Aircraft, Mena, AK).
TOP and New cylinders cermi-chromed 5/1993 @ 2417TT (by High Performance Aircraft), All compressions now >71/80 (annual in progress, new info below)
GAMI Injectors [(EGT at cruise 1350 (spread 50-60) and CHT 350 (always kept<400, an varies with OAT of course)]
Plane Power 70AMP alternator
Hartzell High Speed starter
Zestronics R15Vol voltage regulator
Reiff Engine heater
Brackett Air filter
Bogart Copper power cable
Tempest Fine Wire spark plugs
Slick Mags
Tempest Vacuum
Alternate Vacuum
Alternate air
Champion SlickStart
Spinoff Oil filter
New Oil cooler.

Prop: New McCauley 3 blade 11/1992 @ 2413TT

Garmin GTN650 (WASS, GNAV, VOR, LPV, ILS, Visual Guidance) linked to G106 indicator (LPV, ILS, VOR, GS), and autopilot
Garmin SL30 (VOR, ILS linked to k209 indicator (ILS, VOR, GS) and autopilot
Garmin GDL-88 ADSB In/Out with weather/traffic shown on GTN650
King KT-76 mode c/alt (have spares also)
JPI EDM-830 (all probes and FF) linked to GTN650
PSE PMB7000B, 2 music and 4 intercom (std 2 plugs at each seat)
Century IIIC and STEC PSS60 (GPSS, VOR, Heading bug, LPV, ILS, GS, VS, Altitude hold, switchable between GTN and SL30)
New AI, TC
GDC31 (switching GPSS from GTN to Heading bug/Centurey IIIC/PSS60; and passes both lateral and vertical signals from GTN for coupled LPV, ILS, LNAV+V, to minimums)
BNC connector for portable radio to an external antenna
ELT 121.5
Precision Compass
Panel lights, Overhead lights
LED lamps in landing gear indicators
Electric Trim on pilot yoke

Hangered since new. 3 owners all upper midwest area until current owner moving to southwest (Sonoran desert).
Nose Gear collapse on landing around 1978, (later became an AD for all 77-78 arrows), and fixed. No trauma since, but some touch up paint. Otherwise original paint and interior (factory lux version).
Extensive annual 7-8/19, about 30 hrs TT to date since (had foot injury and subsequent surgery, not weight bearing or turn coordinating for several months, then weekly flying after).
Replaced new (7/19) engine hoses, oil cooler hoses, new brake hoses. New heater/exchanger. New Prop Shaft O rings, Alternator belt, Governor gaskets. Slick mags overhauled. New turn coordinator.

Completed annual. New IFR certification..
New Concord 35AXP battery, New Hartzell High Speed starter. New ELT battery.
Compressions (hot engine): 74, 75, 71, 74/80. also Boroscoped, all cylinders and valves clean.
AIrframe Inspection: no corrosion.
Nose gear bushings, shim control, new.
New tires/tubes on all wheels

Squawks: 2" analogue clock is NF.

See next note for extra items to possibly be included.

the usual legal stuff... offer may be withdrawn or sold elsewhere


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Aug 11, 2019
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would also include bruce winter and summer covers, window shades, tail cone cover, cowl plugs, sidewinder power driver/changer, spare kt76-78 transponders and remaining maintenance stuff specific to the arrow (stainless screw kit, oil filters etc). legal stuff: not for sale until plane is sold and new owner gets what they want.

Slept peacefully, except for annuals 30miles away, in a expoxy-floored humidity/temp controlled hanger attached to the living room in a mansion with private paved 3500x 60 ft strip ~1995-12/2010 by prior owner so he could look at it, a great guy and motorhead, due to illness.

All documentation from new. All handbooks and manuals for the new avionics and mods/docs done at least since purchased in 2010

Regretfully parting ways, but life and missions require substantially higher performance plane.
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Mar 18, 2017
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Did I miss the price?
I’m up in the Phoenix area - and although primarily in the market for a T-Arrow, am somewhat interested ;)
Aug 11, 2019
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Did I miss the price?
I’m up in the Phoenix area - and although primarily in the market for a T-Arrow, am somewhat interested ;)
No, haven't posted a price, and gathering opinions pricing from a few folks in the business of valuing planes, az-area market and a couple brokers that i think have intergity. also searching posted adds but very wide range and no direct comparisons out there.

Price posted
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