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1976 PA28-151 with factory overhauled engine for sale!

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Mar 8, 2017
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6700 total time, 50 hrs on a lycoming overhuald 160hp engine with 2 year warrenty on engine and a 2200hr tbo. Engine installed 11/19.
Paint is in good shape, interior is in good shape. Basic IFR package...ADSB complaint with Skybeacon.
Airplane has been valued at $53,000-$60,000
July 10, 2020

Piper Warrior.


1976 Pa28-151

Serial Number 28-7715009

Total Time 6700.

160HP engine. (not the cylinder upgrade but an actual 160hp engine, no time limit on full power.)

Engine 50 hrs since Lycoming Factory Overhaul. Installed 11/19.

Engine has a 2200 TBO!

Engine has a 2 year warranty thru Lycoming.

When Engine was replace, overhauled or replaced just about everything firewall forward, including overhauling exhaust, carb air box, carburetor, ext.

Tanis pre heater on oil pan and all cylinders.

Just installed a CGR-30p engine monitor

Each flight instrument has an individual light circle around it.

Recirculating fan

Interior in good shape, but old.

Paint is in good shape with only minor scratches. In June 2020 paint was wet sanded and resealed. Looks good.

ADSB Compliant with a SkyBeacon

Radios=Dual Nav/coms with 2 vor/glideslpoes.

king audio panel, KX 155 nav/com KX 170b nav/com King DME King Transponder.

4 place intercom with Music for front or aft passengers.

Useful load=814.43lbs

Led landing light, beacon and left nav light (skybeacon)

Standby Vacuums system…venture on left side of aircraft.

External power

Cigarette lighter

Pitot Heater

Missing 1 logbook from the 1980’s

Low profile Beacon


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