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1972 Piper Arrow II 200hp, AP, KLN94, 4320TT, Timed motor


May 17, 2017
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My dad and I are selling his 1972 Piper Arrow II (200hp).

My father has owned it for over 20 years so selling this bird is tough for him. He stopped flying about 5 years ago, life goes in different directions I suppose. This is a very solid traveling airplane that's taken us all over the country, I've flown it on average 40-50 hrs / year since I received my PPL in 2001 and still fly it regularly (PPL Training done in 172). Since 2001 I've received my IFR in it, my Commercial, CFI and just finished my CFII ride a few days ago. The motor runs good but recently (w/in last 12 months) had a cylinder replaced. We're evaluating the path forward with it and have decided that since it's past TBO and since my personal family is growing, we need a larger airplane. My dad seems interested in splitting the purchase of a larger airplane with me but I've also considered purchasing trainer to teach with and hold-ing off on a big plane purchase for a few years. He and my mother flew this all over the US in the late 90's, early 2000's. It's been hangared the entire 20+ years we've owned it and maintained primarily by the same local mechanics. Owner prior to us was from the local area as well. Not sure about the owner prior to him.

Solid airplane with good capabilities and a good autopilot.

1972 Piper Arrow II PA28R-200
Serial # 28R7335187
Price: $45,000 OBO

Jason Kelley
[email protected]

Airframe: 4212 TT
Engine: ~2200 – Lycoming IO-360-C1C NOTE: Cylinder #2 replaced approx. 40hrs ago due to cracked ring

Max Gross Takeoff Weight: 2650lbs
Empty Weight: 1746lbs
Useful Load: 904 pounds (~616 lbs after full fuel)
Usable Fuel: 48 gallons
Empty CG: 86.5 inches

• Aircraft hangared Holly Lake Ranch Airpark (16TE), Approximately 100nm east of DFW, 20nm north of KTYR
• Aircraft is flown weekly so times will change
• I'll get the logbooks updated and will scan / link soon
• Annual inspection due 11/2017
• IFR certification due 09/2017
• All AD’s in compliance
• Gear up landing in the early 80's or late 70's, will double check

• PS Engineering Audio Panel (4 place, w/ aux input for rear seats)
• KX 155 Com #1
• KX 155 Com #2
• King DME
• RC Allen TSO'd Solid State Electric Attitude Indicator
• Factory Attitude Indicator (drives AP)
• Piper Autocontrol III autopilot with STEC altitude hold; electric trim (INOP)
• Century HSI (NAV #1 / GPS) -> Feeds the AP
• King KI209 (NAV #2)
• King Transponder
• PS Engineering PXE 7300 Stereo
• JPI EDM 700 engine monitor
• Shadin Mini-flow fuel flow meter/totalizer - talks to GPS for fuel to dest / reserve / economy / etc.
• Flightcom DVR 300 Audio Recorder & Chronometer
• Strikefinder (INOP)

Additional Equipment:
• Air Conditioning - not charged, compressor belt removed (INOP)

Operational Notes:
• I generally operate 24" / 2400 RPM; 100deg ROP, (no GAMI's). This typically nets 137KTAS at 10.5gph
• AP Tracks the HSI very well, HSI guidance from GPS or NAV1 (VOR / localizer)
• We have the small wheel covers, just not installed
• Custom cover

• White with Red / Grey Stripe (7/10)

• Red Leather / Carpet (7/10)

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