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1968 180d


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Sep 15, 2014
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For sale. Very well maintained Cherokee 180D
Listed on barnstormers today for $39,500.

All logs complete. No damage history. Several extras. Everything in good working order.

Lyc 0-360 180hp engine to provide a true 4 place airplane.
SMOH ~40 hours. --- that's right. I bought this plane with about 1650 hours. Started giving me some fits with fouled plugs and took a peak inside cylinders... One thing lead to another and a fresh OH was the result. Those 40 hours have been since February. It's barely broken in. Annual done 2 weeks ago.

Interior - I'll post some pictures that should be better than words. I spent over 100 hours meticulously working on panel overlay, all plastic, headliner, carpet replacement, etc. I cleaned items thoroughly and applied primer / adhesive promoter / and used SEM paints. The seats and side panels are in very good to excellent condition but are dated. I have considered recovering but just haven't gotten that far into it. Pilot and copilot shoulder belts. Sun visors. New placards throughout. There are a couple small areas of torn carpet on the side panels. I will provide pics of everything like that.

Electric / Avionics: basic 6 pack.
Dual Narco mk12d radios.
Narco transponder.
Narco DME
Mode c transponder.
Dual VOR with glide scope.
Garmin 296 in panel with air gizmo mount.
Sigtronics 4 place intercom
Outside air temp gauge
Piper autoflite 1 - which actually works well. Tracks a VOR perfectly.
Electric trim on yoke. Control wheel between seats.
Led panel lights.
Led landing light.
Full tanis 100 preheat system.

Exterior overall is fair. It was fair when I bought the plane last fall and I haven't done anything except clean it a few times. From 50' it's a beautiful plane. Was painted in 2003. The leading edges and tops of wings and top surfaces of most control surfaces could really use paint. It was another thing on my "to do list" but haven't gotten to it yet. The cabin section is actually in good condition and would clean up and wax nicely. Pictures will do a good job describing.

I have the plane priced to sell as is. If I don't sell the plane within a week or two I may consider tackling the seat/side panels or possibly even the paint project with the aid of a local pro.

Honestly I think this would be an amazing plane for someone with the means to do a decent paint touch up in a hangar. I personally did not think a new 10k paint job was a good investment since I never intended to keep the plane long term.

Airtex could easily help you with panels and seats but I honestly kinda liked the vintage interior that had been kept so well.

Why am I selling? Easy. I have 3 kids and just bought a Toga. I was tired of one family member always being on the ground. I wasn't really planning to upgrade this soon but the right plane popped up and I jumped on it.

I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have. I'm located in northeast Arkansas and am trying to put together a nice summary and lots of pictures so they could be emailed to anyone interested.

View attachment ImageUploadedByPiper Forum1436924932.773516.jpg
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Jan 13, 2014
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I would like to see more pictures - and any additional information you can share.
Can you tell me who did the overhaul?



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Sep 15, 2014
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Hey Chris. I'm sorry I had forgotten to come and update the thread. I sold the plane a few weeks ago.

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