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$1,215 - Set of 4 - Like New, PA-32R Lance Sheepskin Seat Covers +Head Covers +Seat Covers


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Nov 18, 2010
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For Sale:

Genuine Australian Merino Sheepskin - Extra Dense 1" Thick Wool

Like New Genuine Merino Sheepskin seat covers made by AeroSheep, headrest covers, and shoulder harness covers are included.

There are 2 Front Seat and 2 Rear Seat sets.

Full List price = $1,500 and Discount price = $1,420.

This set was used for only a short period before entire interior and seats on my 1978 Lance were reupholstered and kept in large sealed plastic container. No stains or odors, or imperfections of any kind except for one missing clip noted below.

May fit Saratoga and Seneca, but please verify with aerosheep or other reliable source before assuming these seats will fit anything other than Piper PA-32R-300 Lance.

Please note that the color is Charcoal (SC9 on https://www.aerosheep.com/lance-cockpit-seat-cover.html), but whichever seat cover was in the center of the picture the color would distort to the orangish-gray hue you see in the picture so I took pictures from several vantage points.

Note: These were made for a Piper PA-32R-300 Lance with original upholstery on the seats. I can't say how well they will fit if your seats have custom upholstery. I don't know if it matters, just something you should look into.

Note: See one strap clip missing in photo. I think it's probably in the bottom of the container with some other items back in the hangar. I will look for it this week, but should be easily replaceable if I don't find it there. It is a suspender clip sold at fabric/craft stores.

This set includes seat belt covers and headrest covers for each seat as well.

When only the finest will do...

· Extra Dense 1" Thick Wool - NO Synthetics

· 100% FAA Approved & Flame Tested

· No Wrinkling, Slipping or Scooting

· Warm in Winter, Cool in Summer

· Fully lined to protect your seats

· Excellent Compression Recovery and Mat Resistance

· Easy Care and Maintenance

· Easily Installed Without Removing Seats

· Hand Crafted in the USA!







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Aug 11, 2020
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Not the color I want but if the price was a bit more attractive I might would change my mind. ??
Sorry not the right covers to fit my seats. good luck in selling the covers.
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