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Originally Posted by Canuck View Post
I've had an excellent relationship with the Garmin Pilot team. I suspect I'm the only one of their Android users who knows how to submit a proper bug report (and definitely the only one who can do that, uses a GDL 51, and flies in Canada). They get back to me right away, and have even had me communicate one-on-one with the dev team, bypassing the support team.

I haven't had any similar need for help with the GTN 650 or the GTX 345, so I don't know what the experience would be like with those Garmin teams.

Dave, While I have not had a need to deal with any Garmin pilot issues, I
can tell you firsthand that the folks I met in support when I visited Garmin were awesome! There are about 50+ of these folks in a large area beside the training room fielding calls from all over. Each support person is required to have, at minimum, a Pvt pilot rating. Pretty impressive!

I left Garmin training knowing that I had a lot support just a phone call away.

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This is my friends Saratoga TC panel and may give you some ideas, he has added since then a Garmin 750 with the larger screen and GTX-345 transponder which gives you traffic etc and a very nice setup. I don't have a new picture yet of his panel since it has been updated, but will get one and post next time I am at the airport. It is a 2000 TC.

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Very nice panel to start with, and my first inkling (like some others) would be to upgrade to the 345 xpdr and then spend some money on gas getting your instrument rating!

However, I can also see the temptation to upgrade now while trade-in values are still respectable. That's the way I went a year ago, didn't look back, and still don't regret it. I would assume that the GMX-200 is all wrapped into the trade in pricing along with the GNS's and 340. So, I wouldn't worry or think about what may or may not play with it. Out of the original options given, I would definitely go with Option 3. I don't feel that dual GPS's are that important, and I say that after I installed a 750 & 650 in my plane last year, ha! But that was mostly due to trade in pricing. If you are losing the GMX, you'll defiantly want the bigger screen of the 750, and if you are using an iPad EFB such as Foreflight or Garmin Pilot, you'll have plenty of other screen space to display other map types such as weather or traffic.

I would also look at the 350C audio panel. I know you said you don't think you'll need it, but I have one and love it. You can split the front back music wise so your passengers don't have to listen to your music and visa versa.

I would also strongly consider the FS510 to go along with the 750. It really makes updating databases and connecting your iPad EFB a breeze.

Best of luck with the decision and enjoy the process!

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